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Tiger Shroff Jokes Collection Bollywood funny stuff

No one is talking abt Heropanti's new heroine. Tiger Shroff ne uska Women Empowerment wala aspect bhi chura liya.

16. Like seriously, why dont people see it? TIGER SHROFF is like the male  version of Kareena Kapoor!!! With a dash of Aamir Khan in it!

17. Me after watching Heropanti trailer: Tiger Shroff. Ajeeb naam hai. Husband: Ya man! Who names their daughter Tiger? Me: Lol

Kareena Kapoor has gone from size zero to size hero in Heropanti. What arms, man!

18. Don't make fun of Tiger Shroff....have some pity on him, he's a member of an endangered species!

19. When Tiger Shroff is really angry, he changes his name to TiGrrrrr Shroff.

20. Tiger Shroff is ready with Heropanti.. Interesting to see, when will he do SandhiSudhapanti..

1. How many of you believe that Tiger Shroff is an endangered species even before his first release.

2.  Don’t be mean guys…Give a big round of applause to Tiger Shroff for an outstanding Oscar winning performance in Life of Pi.

3. Tiger Shroff's debut movie would premier on Animal Planet.

4. Once Tiger Shroff was locked in the room by Jackie Shroff. Tiger Shroff updated his Whatsapp status as ‘I’m Sherlocked’.

5. Son = Jackie Shroff, Looks = Jackie Chan, Career graph like = Jackie Bhagnani.

6. Heropanti is Jackie Shroff's attempt to be a responsible citizen by contributing to Tiger conservation project.
7. Tiger Shroff should replace Katrina kaif in Veet ads....

8. All the movies of Tiger Shroff will carry the message 'No animals were harmed in this film'.

9. Reporter: What’s your favorite movie? Tiger Shroff : Ek Tha Tiger

10. Why is Jackie Shroff's Son Religious? A) Because he Preys regularly.

11. Tiger Shroff who is the first actor in bollywood looks like a actress.

12. Tiger Shroff recently had a baby. Ab yeh mat poochho 'cub hua?'

13. If Tiger Shroff becomes famous, his wax statue will be kept in Jim Corbett Park instead of Madam Tussaud's.

14. Tiger Shroff 's school name is P. T. Shroff. Panthera Tigris Shroff.

15. Tiger shroff would be challenge for legend actors like Tushar , uday , Harman.Uday , Fardeen.

21. Soon he is gonna take care of his paapa's business of selling Sandhi Sudha :P

I don't think Modi can protect this country. Since he won, two terror attacks have already happened - 'The Xpose' and 'Heropanti'.

Watching Heropanti. I'm half an hour into it and Tiger Shroff's pretty okay so far. No idea why everyone made jokes around her.

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